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Why is pricing not provided for parts?

Most K-S machines are built to order and some variation may exist between machines with the same model number. The job number and serial number are critical identifiers for your machine so we need this information before we quote. Review of design details is needed so we can provide an accurate quote. Build your request for quote (RFQ) using this website and click submit. We will get back to you with a price as soon as we can.

Can I send the K-S Parts Sales department a Fax? 

Yes, FAX the K-S Parts Sales Department at: 




Why do I need to tell you the K-S Job Number or Serial Number?

Each machine has unique identification numbers: The K-S Job Number and the Serial Number.  Many of our customers have many of our machines and we need to know which one the part is needed for. Some machines are bought on the used market and the original owner is not known to the current user so the K-S Job Number and Serial number help us locate the information we need to insure a proper fit.

Where can I locate the K-S Job Number and Serial Number?

There are a few places to look for this information:

  • Each machine ships with a stainless steel nameplate that contains the K-S Job Number and Serial Number. These are typically located on the end of the machine however it may be covered with paint or insulation.
  • The Operation and Maintenance Manual for the machine has this information on the front page and in the certified speciation included in the manual.
  • General arrangement drawing for the job include the reference number in the drawing number. Look for a letter followed by three or four digits. (A-NNN or A-NNNN).
  • Any invoice from K-S on the original contract.

Do I need a Return Authorization Number (RA Number) to return a part to K-S?

Yes, a Return Authorization Number is required for any part being returned to K-S for credit, repair or replacement. The RA Number should be mentioned on the package, on the packing slip and in any correspondence with K-S. See Shipping & Returns

Can I initiate a part return using K-S Parts online?

Yes, a part return may be initiated by using the Contact Us form and indicate a Return Request.

Do you offer options on shipping?

Yes, see Shipping & Returns for more information