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Have an application and need filtration media? Submit a Filtration Media Application Questionnaire to our filtration media group for evaluation.

How do I order Filter Fabrics?

Specify type and size of filter, including number of plates, leaves, or sections. Replacement fabric orders for Komline-Sanderson filters require only the K-S job number.

For filters other than Komline-Sanderson, specify the exact size of the existing filter cloth (unless a K-S reference number has already been assigned).

Orders involving a change in existing filter fabric to improve unit performance should specify process conditions as follows:
  • pH of slurry being filtered
  • slurry temperature
  • chemical composition of both liquid and solid phases
  • particle size range and physical conditions of solids, if known
  • If possible, send a sample of the filter medium currently in use.

For Orders

  • Contact Denise Loreti at 888-CALL-4KS (888-225-5457) ext. 33, or 1 (973) 579-0090 ext. 33.

For Technical Service

  • Contact Jim Schutte at 888-CALL-4KS (888-225-5457) ext. 22, or 1 (973) 579-0090 ext. 22.

Or, email the Filter Fabrics group at